Monday, July 16, 2012

VistaPrint: Business Cards

I have an unhealthy relationship with VistaPrint. Literally we are BFFs. I don't know how I would survive without it. The teachers at school would laugh at me because I would always bring in items I made from VP. Then they started using it too. Let's just say they haven't teased me about it since!

Over the next few weeks I'm going to share with you some great teaching and non-teaching tools that I have made using VistaPrint.

I love getting a good deal and boy can you find them here! I think the most I've ever spend was $20 and that was because I paid for my own upload and quicker shipping. I usually checkout for less than $5 and often times it's all free {plus shipping}!

Today I'm starting with Business Cards. I use them for business and for other creative things!

This creation is based off of the Expanding Expression Tool (EET) that we use throughout the school. It's an amazing tool and is very helpful to our students, especially in their writing. I took the pictures of each of the beads and put them on a business card. Each student stapled a card into their writing notebook and took one home. I highly suggest you check out the EET website!

The Desk Fairy comes to my class about once a month. She usually leaves a piece of candy or a ticket. The kids LOVE the desk fairy and always ask when she is coming back. The desk fairy and I are not the best communicators, so I never know when she will be back!

One of my teammates always made fun of my love for VP (in a nice way). So one year for her birthday I went VP crazy and basically got her one of everything. She is our 4th grade team math teacher, so I thought the turtle with the bar graph was appropriate.

Not only do I use VP for school but I also use it for the piano lessons I teach. It's great to have some cards with me and set them out at local stores (after I ask) or hang them on boards in restaurants in town.

Next up: postcards!


  1. like the idea...i wish to use vista print when design plastic business cards.

  2. These are great. They will help me so much in printing my plastic business cards. Thanks for sharing.