Sunday, September 26, 2010

Project Based Learning

On Thursday and Friday of last week I had the opportunity to take a professional development class on Problem Based Learning through  the Buck Institute for Education.

It was a great experience and I really learned a lot about PBL. I can not wait to incorporate my economics PBL unit into my classroom in November!!

To find out more on PBL and the Buck Institute for Education, click here

I have also attached a great PBL video that is hysterical! Once you watch the video make sure you click the More to this story at the top (above the video) to find out more about the kids from Newport New, VA.

From Worms to Wall Street: Projects Prompt Active, Authentic Learning | Edutopia


  1. Last year you posted about the cocoa cones you had done as a fundraiser for your class. I totally got inspired by this idea and am expanding it into a year long service learning project with my kids. I hope I can share things with you along the way, and pick your brains as well.

  2. Yes, definitely! I will be doing cocoa cones again this year! So excited!!